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Charla Chatman


LMT #23960

Deep Tissue

Are you looking for a massage to get deep within your muscle fibers? As everyone likes a different massage, simply communicate with the kind of pressure meets your desires. 

Myofascial Release and Cupping

Our muscles, bones and organs are encased in a connective tissue called "fascia". By releasing these adhesions through manual myofascial release or by a cupping treatment, one will notice a big increase in range of motion, especially within the shoulder blades and back.



This is a particular technique that basically tricks the brain to release the muscle a lot quicker than by solely going for a deep tissue treatment.

Swedish/Doterra Aromatouch

Are you ready to relax? Would you like a spa like massage with soothing strokes  or perhaps have 7 of Doterra's Therapeutic Grade essential oils applied along your spine for a getaway?